Cassandra & Colin

One March night in 2008, the world brought Cassandra and Colin together.

They were both celebrating their birthdays and Colin immediately saw what he wanted as his gift. He told his friends that he had finally found his "steak and potatoes". Upon hearing these words Cassandra's love for food spiked her curiosity. She asked what she had heard about steak and Colin smoothly asked her to steak dinner Cassandra was 17 at the time and had no experience with boys, she continuously declined Colin's advances. Years passed, SP and steak guy would run into each other, but things remained a casual friendship. In 2010, Cassandra was hired at TD and upon arriving for he training, she first noticed Colin. The two began chatting again and things felt very nature Cassandra became sick and Colin was there for her every step of the way. The two quickly became best friends, companions, lovers. On July 4th 2015, on their 5th anniversary, they also became husband and wife