Haley is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in London, Ontario. She’s not any random photographer, along with her solid photography skills – she’s an amazing model and makeup artist as well. I had the honor of shooting with her at my “Studio” couple weeks ago and then again shot together in an actual studio. Below are the photos from the shoot, both Haley and I edited a few shots in our own style and the story/emotion we wanted to convey from the photos. Now, the purpose is this is quite simple. One word, overused but effective – VISION. Haley and I are both portrait photographers but however, our VISIONS are DIFFERENT. As a Photographer, as you may or may not have heard – we just don’t press the buttons to create a frame.

We understand and read the light, create a story telling composition and then, we hit the button. To back it up are the words of the great Ansel Adams; “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. I die a little inside when potential clients are willing to go with photographers that do not align with their vision and ideas. I agree that Budgeting and saving money is important but imagine this; it’s your wedding day; you got that amazing dress on, the venue is no closer than paradise and also, there are no uncle bobs in the crowd. The photographer you’ve hired does an amazing job (in their particular style) but you still wished you had gone for the photographer that aligned with your ideas and taste. Another Important example, your opening a new business and you require a professional headshot – that not only represents you but your company. I also understand your position, if you are a start-up company or a recent graduate, you don’t have the money for professional headshots but think about the long-term benefits you can receive from it. You could hire a photographer that knows how to take a headshot but does not convey your brand and your personality in it. Technically, the lighting might be amazing and so would the retouching but imagine driving through a billboard with a face that you think does not represent your brand. I could go on with examples but you get my point. But again, let’s consider costs and long term benefits, if you are willing to spend $4000 on a wedding photographer – 10 years down the road, it still only costs you $1 a day. #lessthanacoffee! If you were to spend $250 on a professional headshot, one year down, you’re still only spending 70 cents a day! A DAY!


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My edits

Haley's edits

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