Jessica Allossery- The lovely indie!

Before I go on - I'd like to thank Jessica and Mark for being an amazing team. 
About a year ago Jessica followed me on Twitter, my curiosity led me to discover her amazing music. Intrigued by her music and style, I wanted to shoot with her - I reached out to her and she agreed to shoot. 

Our times never worked, but finally this summer - we made it happen! Initially, my ideas were cliché musician portraits but over time I thought about possible ideas and oh well, here is what we created!  

On a separate note - I was watching the news while editing this set; the amount of hate, anger and frustration among people is crazy. What can one do to cope with negativity? How does one be an optimist during this time of pessimism? In the comments section tell me how you cope with all this negativity in life? I use photography to spread joy, capture emotion and tell a story!I really hope these photos bring a smile, a bit of joy! 

Thank you for the amazing behind the scenes video Jessica! You're awesome. 

For you beauties that stopped by, your support is greatly appreciated. Please do all the good stuff, share, like and comment!