Klairissa & Doug

Klairissa- It was my family vacation to Disney World. First day was at Magic Kingdom (my favourite place in the world). When we first arrived, I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it would be if Doug proposed in front of Cinderella's Castle (my favourite princess), but I had to keep reminding myself of how unrealistic that would be. As soon as we got to the park, we got our family picture taken with the beautiful castle behind us. However, when the picture was taken, we continued on our day. I decided to just forget about the whole proposal idea and just enjoy my family vacation. The day went on, the more tired and hot we became (it was boiling in Florida at the end of July). I really wanted to put my hair up, however I wasn't sure if we were going to run into Cinderella sometime that day and I wanted my pictures to look good. Doug kept encouraging me to keep my hair down because he knows I prefer that in pictures. Half of my family decided they wanted to go back to our rental house to go swimming in the pool, so Doug, my two cousins and I were going to stay and do more rides. When they were ready to leave, Doug suddenly wanted ice cream. But, it had to be the ice cream from the front of the park. My uncle smirked at Doug and decides that the whole family should walk to the front so we could say our goodbyes and get the ice cream. As we walked around towards the front of the castle, I noticed that there was no one in front of the castle because of a parade that was going on. I suggested to Doug that we should get a picture taken of just the two of us. He thought that was a great idea. When we went to stand for the picture, I fixed my hair and turned to look at Doug, he was down on one knee. I started to cry. I couldn't believe that this was real life. And of course... I said yes! It was the day all my dreams came true.

Doug-it was Klairissa's family vacation to Disney World. Little did Klairissa know, before the trip I was meeting with her uncle to make a plan of how I was going to propose to her at Disney. It was our first day of vacation and we were heading to Magic Kingdom. I was already super nervous because I wanted it to be perfect. When we arrived to the park, security made me take the ring box out of my pocket and then take the ring out of the box! Thankfully, Klairissa was already through the security line and waiting with her family that she didn't notice. I knew she might be thinking about this "magical proposal", so if I wanted it to be a real surprise, I should not do it when we first arrive. All day, I was so worried about Klairissa seeing this big lump in my pocket so I tried my best to hide it. Apparently I did a good job. Throughout the day I kept repeating my proposal speech in my head to make sure I got it right. When some of her family was ready to leave for the day, I knew I had to do it so they would all be there to witness our special moment. I tried to think of a reason for us all to go to the front of the park, so I decided to say that I wanted ice cream. But it had to be specific ice cream. Her uncle got my hint and suggested we all go to the front to get ice cream and say goodbye. When we walked past the front of the castle, Klairissa  suggested we get a picture taken since we didn't have one of the two of us yet. It was perfect timing because there was a parade going on and not many people would be staring. When we went to pose for the picture, I got down on one knee. She said "Yes"!