Avan Patel Photography



My love for creating images stems from a life long obsession with story telling. I often reminisce the days when my grandfather would tell us stories and short fables from Myths like Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Those stories strengthened my love of stories and in high school,  I began writing long essays and short stories - yeah, they weren't that good haha. Along with writing, day dreaming was a way out of every day rut - creating my own stories in my head. These days movies like Lord of the rings, LA LA land and so many more help keep me inspired and push me to create something unique every time I pick up my camera!

For the longest time, I did not realize I actually loved story telling and creating images - it struck when I moved to Canada! Photography has helped me fulfill my dream and helps me continue dreaming and writing stories for myself and my amazing clients! Thank you for stopping by & let's create! 


My fondness for the outdoors brought out my love for landscapes I travel during the off season and capturing landscapes is my number one priority!!! Here is a collection of my landscape images! If you'd like to buy a print, shoot me a message! Click on the image and view in full screen! 

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